Sunday, May 29, 2011

If You Having Girl Problems, I Feel Bad for You Son. I got 99 Problems but a Bitch Ain't one

I'm gonna break the intimate sharing going on in my blog and drop some mothafucking knowledge on all y'all.  It's six in the goddamn mornin', and I am just getting home after tearing shit up at one of my homie's houses.  Fucking bonfire, swag, fucking booze, swag, and fucking ladies DEEP.  Tequila, Vodka, and some mothafuckin Beer.  I smell like fucking deep ass wood smoke, but I do not give no shit.  It was my birthday party.  And I got my mothafuckin SWAG the fuck on.  Got dropped off by some cute ass girl I was macking the shit out of, and I may need to get my dad to drive me to pick up my car tomorrow, but it was goddamn worth it.  I'm gonna be fighting the mother of all hangovers tomorrow, but right now, I feel like a goddamn titan.  So I'm going to pass the fuck out, but first, I;m gonna say Peace to all you guys.  Fucking love you.  Keep it real, keep it classy, and never, ever, take shit from anybody.  Because you guys do not deserve any of that shit.  And if I had money, I;d fly across the world to get your backs.  And in case you haven't noticed, I am incredibly Posi-core about my homies, and their lives.  Stay up.

Also, this is the only Jay-Z song I like.  Because Rick Rubin gets his motherfucking swag ON


  1. YES!
    Rick is indeed the man.

    You have inspired me buddy. I am taking a leaf out of that tune right there from this moment forward. I am wimminz' problem not the other way around.

    That party sounded great. Need to get my 'swag' on and all pretty soon.

  2. Great vid man. I really enjoyed 99 PROBLEMS. Enjoy the hangover lol.