Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So, today I went for a job interview in data entry.  Showed up early, dressed nice, shaved, the whole nine yards.  Go into the interview, and every one of my responses are spot on.  I get the HR rep chuckling with a few well placed jokes, and I could tell that she saw I could do the job.  Then one of the supervisors for the position came in.  Dickbag.  Not a smile from this motherfucker.  He asks about my work history, I do the same song and dance, nothing.  He grills me about my performance record, and just disregards my education focusing on how I was only in a temp job for seven months.  A FUCKING TEMPORARY JOB.  But he finally relents a little, and I think I've got him, until the end of the interview when he says one thing: "We're really looking for someone with experience with Data entry.  That's our prerogative."  I respond with "Yes.  I totally understand that.  But I think that my education may rectify that problem. My English degree focused primarily on writing.  Once I take the performance test, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised."  He kind of glowers, and then says pretty much the same thing, then leaves.  The HR rep says she let me know.  So, instead of posting in their ad that they're looking for experience, they make it sound like an entry-level position.  I don't think I'm getting the job.  So, on my way back from the interview, I stopped and got a bottle of cheap wine, which I drank tonight.  So I'm drunk, sitting in my basement, watching Season 4 of the Venture Brothers that I borrowed from a friend.  Feels bad man.

Upside, finished my taxes.  Making BANK, but I can't fucking really spend that much of it.  Gonna go get me a GRE prep book so I can go to grad school and get my shit together in life.

On a similar note, I'm currently working on another blog project.  A more specific blog project.  An Awesome project.  So awesome, that the world may not be ready for it.  Stay tuned


  1. cheer up, the HR rep thinks your ok. :D

  2. Man what do you want to be copy/alt-shift/paste/number check/type number/number double-check/alt-shifting all day for anyway? You are fucking BETTER THAN THAT. You said so yourself your new idea is going to be BAGS OF AWESOME and you'll knock 'em flat with it.
    And when you see that shitbag in the street in a year he'll be all Oooh Mr. Disgruntled hey there can I do your data input monkey work PLEEEEEAZE?
    And you'll be all HAHAHA YES! Yes you CAN do my data entry monkey work and you'll make him eat the cheapest tinned dog food on the market every day before he gets to copy/alt-shift/paste/number check/type number/number double-check/alt-shifting all day for anyway.

  3. Sorry to hear that :(

    That guy is an asshole. Data entry sucks a bunch of balls anyway. Do something funner

  4. Man, you guys are awesome. Thanks for the pick me ups

  5. Thats a pity about the job. I will stay tuned for your new blog. Following!

  6. Just because the supervisor is a dick doesn't mean you won't get the job. I don't know about Grad School though, I recently decided to not go to law school and get my teaching certification instead, in the long run I won't be under a bunch of debt and I'll have a rewarding job while studying to become a school administrator.

  7. wow now you also make me curious for your other blog
    Still I hope you do get the job!

  8. great post. looking forward to reading your next one

  9. Looking forward to your project!