Tuesday, March 8, 2011


First off, thanks to the two dozen or so people who are now followers of my blog.  I have returned the favor to most of my knowledge.  If not, let me know and I'll hit you up with a follow.

So apparently my life is depressing.  I never really thought about that until it was pointed out several times in comments.  I guess when your inside of it, it's not super apparent.  But that's ok.  If a group of near-strangers think my life is depressing, that's just more motivation to get off my ass and get some stuff done.  And for one commentator, yes.  My love life isn't in the greatest shape.  Being jobless and near broke doesn't exactly moisten the ladies.

Now, if I didn't need sleep I'd go out and do something, but my state of fatigue is overtaking the sense of excitement I am feeling.  So, I'm going to leave with a song and a promise.  The promise is that next time I post, I'll have something that I did.  The song is one that has been stuck in my head all night: "Civilized Worm" by the Melvins



  1. apparently I also need to remind myself how to properly hyperlink shit. Sorry.

  2. Do it! Whatever it is, go for it and make a move.
    I also get you about the ladies - being broke and jobless, I don't feel justified in trying to pursue a relationship.
    We need rich chicks who adore us for our hairstyles. Though mine is less of a 'style' than a 'phenomenon' as a result of being unable to afford a cut!

  3. Right? Too bad my hairstyle is predominately dominated by the phenomena known as "male pattern baldness." Genetics: mankind's greatest foe.

  4. Just take a risk, really. I found when I was at my lowest, I just took chances that I never would normally take. Now I've got a steady job, a girl, and a plan. It can be risky, but risks pay off.

  5. Hey Disgruntled, first of all, I want to wish you good luck with bettering your life. Planning is easy, but doing it... Well, it IS possible, so good luck.

    Also, I'm not sure you're following me yet, but I could be overlooking you.

  6. Don't let people get you down, you can do anything.
    Make something happen!

  7. Good luck out there buddy, you'll need it! All I can help you with is - start sporting, jogging is a great thing, makes you happier as running produces some stuff that makes you happy, it also makes your mind work more actively and girls love guys who have good looking body! ;)

  8. :/ naw man, you'll pull through