Monday, March 28, 2011

I've been drinking

That's right, drinking.  Went out with a friend who was visiting from Chicago.  It was a swell time.  Saw some bands play: So So Radio, Hacienda, and the Greenhornes.  So So Radio was so so, Hacienda was great, and the Greenhornes would have been great, but the lead guitarist/lead singer just stood there, barely moving.  He kind of ruined the upbeat mood of the band.  Be ashamed.  But yeah, caught up, had some beers, watched some music, had some more beers, made it home, and now I am blogging.  And now I am going to sleep.  Peace.

Here's a sample of hacienda.  They's rockin, yo.


  1. Ive been drinking trough the whole week! :P

  2. Very nice tune, I imagine myself drinking a beer and relaxing on the couch while this is playing in the background.

  3. Woop! Drunk blogging!
    I'm clapping between types to this.

    Aww yeah.

    Feels like these guys are my buddies in the room with me. LOVE IT!

    Yep. That was short and sweet. Hacienda. Will keep them in mind. You rock my friend (great to be back).