Thursday, May 19, 2011

Swag out the Ass

So, I went to this party last night at a friend's place. At 24, I was the oldest person there, and one of five that was of legal drinking age. Under normal circumstances, if it wasn't a friend's birthday, I would not have went. As previous posts can attest to, I enjoy the fuck out of a beverage, but I generally feel like I'm a little too old to go to parties that take place primarily in the basement. But, it was his birthday, he invited me, and I obliged. And I got DRUUUNK.

Normally, I'm not a super-personable guy. I'm pretty introverted. But when I drink, I transform into something else. I get swag. And this was the case last night. I picked up my preferred party beverages: I go to the liquor store, get two 40s of Mickey's, and scavenge off of party goers when those run out. But there was beer provided, so I was all good. I finished the first one, felt good, then finished the 2nd, and felt like the coolest guy on the fucking planet. And everyone around me acted in accordance. I just got my swag the fuck on. I felt great. It was a welcome break away from my thoughts. I woke up with some random girl in my bed (although I was informed that we didn't actually fuck, just fooled around). I have a whole slew of new friend requests from the college kids at the party who thought I was the coolest guy. Let this be a lesson: 1.) It feels good to just live in the moment sometimes, and 2.) that if you can win at beer pong, you are a god in the eyes of underage college students.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time lol.

  2. this is why you get drunk. :)

  3. Yeah boiiii!

    I feel like I should write more, but that sentiment pretty much sums up how I feel about this story. It made me happy.