Friday, August 19, 2011

Like a Nihilistic Emerson, or a Cynical Norman Mailer

So I've been doing some thinking on my end, and a little bit of drinking, and I realized something positive among all the general negativity that I experience and emit like it's going out of style. This goes back to my second-to-last post. And It has given me an idea for a change of pace within my own personal blogosphere (I hate that word). I feel like I have stagnated over the past couple of months, and that maybe, just maybe, all this general self-deprecation isn't super proactive. The positive support has been nice, and welcome, but I feel like I've been ignoring my roots. Or not. This blog wasn't created to BE anything. It was part of an engine that is a possible collection of funds. Which has fizzled. And yet, Here I return, day after day. Is it some otherworldy need or a an unconscious suggestion implanted by google? Who knows. Who really cares? The reality is this: I like my blog. I like my followers. I like reading my followers' blogs. But, I have become bored with posting the same general things again. I see blogging as therapeutic. That may not change. But something will.

I see an interesting development in my post "The Putridity of a Diseased World and the Guillotine that Will Finish it Off." It's the change I wanted. I love to write. In the end, it doesn't really matter what (though fiction is pretty boss, and the ladies melt over some poetry). But, I don't think I'm man enough to post my more creative ideas for brutal criticism (maybe we'll get to that later). When I boil down "Putridity," it reminds me of essays previously written long ago when I was still a bright-eyed idealist, albeit a little more cynical and nihilistic. So, expect an "essay" in the loosest sense of the term about every week or so. Compiled, but not edited because I don't care too much about grammatical errors at the moment. And, barring negative feedback, I will hopefully continue until I run out of ideas or my blog combusts or the internet gets shut down.

So now, I ask for feedback. Thoughts? Comments? Negative or positive. I don't want to alter the course of enjoyment too much, but I like writing, and I like writing with a little more purpose behind it than I have been.


  1. You looks a littble bit confused. Have you read "why I write?" by George Orwell?

  2. I'd like to read more from you. You make some nice points.

  3. I think if you like writing, you should do it, and you should write about what you want, and damn anyone who says that they don't like it. Having said that it's something I'd probably never do lol. I like reading your thoughts on the world, I'm a quite cynical person myself, I'm not very nihilistic, I think there is a point to everything. If you feel you should be writing, should be blogging, then you better well damn be doing it.