Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A year in retrospect

So, as it turns out, I have had this blog for an entire goddamn year.  Granted, I posted once at the end of last September and not again until March, but still.  It stands.  This ageneralmalcontent.blogspot.com  has stood since then.  Fucking good times.

This year has been yet another mark of a "lost" year.  Like the year that preceded it, and the one that will follow it.  I have not achieved any of the jobs I have applied for, I've burned out all of my savings, and I am sitting in the same amount of craptacular debt that I was two years ago upon graduating college.

But, there are upsides.  I have read quite an amount of cool blogs by cool people, made some blogbros, and have written some material that I'm pretty proud of.  I've done some cool things, and had some problems; I've loved and lost, and partied my ass off.  And although I'm nowhere near I would have hoped on my last day of classes two years ago, I regret nothing, and that's all someone can hope for.

I've been a lax bro recently, and unfortunately it may continue in the future: I may be employed as early as tomorrow.  A friend of mine threw a recommendation to the temp agency that placed him, they called me, and I passed the stupid little tests, so we'll find out in the morning.  Fingers crossed


  1. I know that feel.

  2. Good luck with getting a job. This past year hasn't been so bad, I don't think I'll regard it as a failure, life barely ever goes like we planned. Well done on lasting a year too, you've said plenty of things you should be proud of saying.

  3. Congradulations on the one year. Good luck with getting a job, they can be quite hard to find. I've been looking for three years!

  4. Hey havent commented for a while! Great post! "]

  5. Thanks for taking us on a journey - even if for you it hasn't gone anywhere as such.
    I've enjoyed reading your stuff, and all the best with the employment situation.

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