Friday, November 4, 2011

November: National Novel Writing Month

Yes it is. And last year I only found out that on like the 20th. Meaning, I did not participate. But this month? It's on like donkey kong. Yes, I will be cheating a little bit, using a start that I already had going, but I haven't added to it in a while. And you, readers, will recognize it because I posted the beginning of it a month ago or so. As I progress to try and finish it this month, with its plot holes and gaps in editing because I didn't plan it, it's all spontaneous, but goddamn, I'm going to do it. Every section I finish, I'm going to post up here. Be as brutally honest as you like. I can take criticism.

So, my job is going much the same. I am actually not there today, because my eyes betrayed me. Yesterday, I was machining when my eyes started to itch like crazy. Next thing I know, the skin around them has swollen like a mask and my eyes are crazy red. So I go to the onsite nurse, she has me set up an appointment with my doctor, and I leave work. Doctor thinks that an odor or something triggered it, and yesterday, the coolant from the machine I worked on overflowed. The coolant has a bit of an odor to it, so in large quantities, probably a contributing factor. So, I'm sitting at home before I go in to the hiring agency to fill out some paperwork for some workman's compensation. Good times.


  1. Workmans comp? Sweet! I hope you get a lot of that! Good luck with your eyes!

  2. Novel writing? Totally got this. Get ready to read the best novel of your life at my blog for the rest of Novembeard.

  3. That same thing happened to my girlfriend a couple of days ago when she was at her aunt's. She thought it was her aunt's cat, though my g/f is typically not allergic to cats. I know of at least one other person to whom that happened to. I blame the Jews. Just kidding.

    Good luck with the novel. I have one that has been in the works (for a very long time) myself. If I started back on it all of my other writing would be out of commission for awhile.