Saturday, January 7, 2012

It isn't a triumph, I'm writing a note here, huge failure. I'm barely alive.

So, this pretty much concludes day six of twelve straight working.  My supervisor informed me that I was working saturday and sunday.  It's saturday.  I work for at least the next six days.  Probably more, because they'll just try to dick me.  Not unexpected.  I'm tired and my feet hurt from standing on concrete.

I'm going to do an obligatory New Years post.  I know, I know, boo urns, It's the fucking 7th.  Listen mi amigos, I love you guys, but shut the fuck up.  It's been a busy period of mourning.  Not sure who died, but goddamn it, I feel like I'm mourning something here.  Maybe it's 2011, but fuck that, 2011 sucked.  Let's see why, shall we?

1) Lady problems.  Another banner fucking year for yours truly.  What's that?  Were you expecting to fall in love?  Of course not, friends.  That's irrational.  But, you know, actually meeting some new women would have been nice.  Or at least meeting new women that I can perpetuate a friendship or more with.  Nope.  Shut down or ignored.  I mean, I ain't no looker: I'm fat and hairy, except on my head, where it counts.  And yes, I didn't look incredibly hard, but there were opportunities that many female-folk could have capitalized upon.  I'm pretty sure at this point in my life I'd make a pretty baller boyfriend; I've learned from my shitty relationshit mistakes from the past.
2) Creative anemia.  So, in september or august (not sure which) I deleted roughly, oh, a hundred and fifty pages (give or take a few) worth of creative writing.  I regret that, but seriously, most of that shit was garbage.  I felt confident about very little material this past year.  Shit, I couldn't even finish something for national novel writing month.  Hooray
3) Stagnation.  I am exactly where I was in 2010, which was supposed to be different in 2011.  'Nuff said.

So, here's to 2012.  It's off to a slightly better start already.  I'm writing, shit I actually feel confident about.  I feel like I'm close to a new, better job.  My dating life sucks, but 2 outta 3 ain't bad, right?


  1. Like our lord Meatloaf said (that's the second time today I've used a singer as a higher power, the other time was to you too...huh...) two out of three ain't bad. I'm exactly where I was last year, which was where I was the year before, which is where I was the year before, which is where I was the year before. Fuck. Finding love would be nice, but you never expect it, it just kicks you in the balls as it enters your life, and then kicks you again for good measure on the way out. Oh and don't feel too bad about scrapping all that work. I know someone who was pretty much half way through a full book, I had read all of it and loved it, then BAM. It's gone. All of it. I have the only remaining copies, and the story has begun again from scratch. I don't think I could do that though. As for working so much, at least they're paying you? Right?

  2. One step at a time. With more money you give yourself more opportunities to improve yourself and get it on with the ladies.

  3. 2 out of 3 sounds pretty good to me.

  4. shit, 12 days straight working? My boss gets crafty and sometimes gets us with 10 days in a row but 12 is pushing it man! Hope you survive this onslaught of work hours. At least you'll have extra cash? (obligatory "bright side of things" comment).

  5. well, not a triumph but are much better than other shits, also +follow

  6. I would have to agree with you. Year 2011 blows!!!