Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm So Tired

So another Valentine's Day has come and gone.  I realized, I've had one actual valentine in my whole life, and it was just me and a female friend in High School making fun of it together.  Strange.  Should have suited up and went out to barrage desperate, lonely women with pick-up lines with some friends.  Yes.  I did say "suit up."

I've been incredibly exhausted recently, mainly due to work, but I've been going through a restless sleep cycle.  Mark about every hour, hour and a half during my normal sleeping times, and I'll wake up for about 15 minutes.  Kind of stops me from entering the deep, restful sleep that my body needs to repair itself (I am still feeling aches and pains in random places, like the bottom of my ass.  Seriously, it hurts.  From standing.  What the hell).  But it has a more deliberate, harsh reality: i'm too tired to be creative.  Well, decently creative.  Got some stuff in the works, obviously, but this lack of decent sleep has me pushing them back a bit.  Start gaining momentum, start getting tired, too tired to concentrate, stop.  A cycle of ill.  I need an entire weekend off soon.  Maybe I'll lie through my sharpened teeth, I am very, very good at that in the face of authority figures.

So, due to the incestuous nature of our little corner of the "blogosphere" (yes, I shivered too using that 'word'), I've co-opted a few idears from fellow champions of the Blogoverse (better sounding): GUEST POSTS!  That's right, nerds, a post spot (or two) is opening up, and you can enter to be considered!  It's a contest!  I will select one or more lucky individuals to appear atop my haughty blog, for no increased traffic because everyone who comes here already probably reads your blog, not only because it's awesome, but also because, like I said, we keep it in the family.

DA RULES: Before we get this shit started, I'm going to outline a few rules for all you motherfuckers to follow.  First, this is going to be essay-ish.  And I'm going to pick the topic.  Don't worry, it'll be awesome.  And, at this point, if you have a suggestion for said topic, throw it down in the comments section.  I'm willing to expand my ideas.  Second, you gotta give me a jangle on this here blogger message system if'n you be interested.  Don't worry, i won't spam your shit, only pics of my penis, because it's considered a formal greeting where I'm from.  So, open your heart and click on dat der profile o mine, and send me a message through dis here blogger.  I shall be conducting said business through there with candidates during the initial phase of operation I'm Too Tired To Do My Own Blog.

Also, Atmosphere, because fuck yeah:


  1. Good luck with the guest posts!

    Though many of us bloggers follow eachother you can't really say "incestuous" inless were having sex with eachother. (Any female bloggers out there?) So basically were just a family of bloggers... who would be incestuous if we could...

  2. I'm on! I like doing guest posts, especially for people who are too busy and tired.

  3. Well I'm in for it. I've always wanted a chance to really see how well I can write an essayish type thing on an issue someone else comes up with. You know how half decent of a writer I am, and you already have my email address. Though I find myself to be more creative when tired, not less.

  4. sucks man. I've been on a dry creative spell for oh I don't know...forever! I get an idea, start to expand on it and then something comes up and I just lose steam. One day though, one day.

  5. I can relate to being sleep deprived. However, I tend to be much more creative when fatigued but what I'm saying doesn't make much sense.

    So I write my ideas down when tired, and then edit when I have some rest.

  6. I hate that day. :/