Monday, February 27, 2012

March Madness

This is not in reference to the looming NCAA Men's Basketball tournament.  Although now that I mention it, I need to start thinking about my bracket.  I mean, the Wisconsin Badgers just balled past Ohio State yesterday, so fucking awesome.  Thinking Syracuse as my take-it-all winner.

Anyway, February has been something of a personal disappointment.  I haven't really done anything I meant to do.  My other blog hasn't been upgraded in so long, I've barely scratched the surface of what I had in store.  So I'm kind of bummed out here.  I started 2012 strong, but have already fizzled, so I need to kick my ass into gear here.  I refuse to let another year go by with barely anything to show for it.  Shit, this blog over 2011 is about all I have.  Everything else was material and fleeting.  Gotta buckle down, gotta focus here.

Side note: two of you guys have done long form media on your blogs that I haven't watched/listened to yet.  I'm really sorry, I'm going to try and get to it as soon as I remember.  I really want to, I've just been sidetracked by bullshit.


  1. Chill out, bro. Stuff happens but life goes on, mate.
    Also, still waiting for the topic for the guest post lol.

  2. It's cool. Bullshit sidetracks me too. Hell everything side tracks me. Get your arse back in gear and your feet too so you can go back to kicking other people's asses.

  3. Sometimes people get side tracked, the important thing is you realise that and will take measures to prevent it from happening again! Good on you! Good luck!

  4. Hey, it shows character that even though you got sidetracked you came back.

  5. cyber fatigue happens. I get all fired up and write a couple of posts one day...then don't bother updating for a week sometimes! ha. not proud of it but damn LIFE likes to interfere with my blogging.