Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Temp jobs are the biggest crock of shit on the planet.  The agencies who hire you only want the money you're worth, and the companies that take you only want cheap labor.  I have been at that god forsaken factory for nearly a year and I have absolutely nothing to show for it, other than 52 pathetic paychecks, a drinking problem, and an increasing amount of useless shit my family will have to sort through when I eventually die of cancer, cirrhosis, or suicide.


  1. Dude you really need a new job. You should just bear with it and save up what you can so that you can try and find another job if you can't look for a job and do the factory work. I think what's most likely to kill you is this job.

  2. capitalism sucks man. Im over educated and under employed. Smart enough to see how shitty the situation is, but poor enough to keep working the same shit job I've had all these years. Hopefully you (and I) find a new line of work soon.

  3. Ugh... I feel your pain. :( Best of luck finding a new job somewhere.

  4. What MRanthrope said (and I know what that means, you people hating motherfucker)... except I'm fucked if I'll let some cunt tell me when and where to be for however long any more.
    I'm lucky I have the luxury that I can put my hand out to the government and they'll pay me enough to sit on my ass if I feel like it or do some abstract crazy 'sound' stuff or play fucking games all day or write and drink and still be able to feed myself.
    But fuck it, whatever the fuck I spend my time on is my buzz and that time is priceless. I am sick at the idea I used to sell that time for (equivalent of) $15 or so an hour (but it doesn't matter what the job is - if I like it or not or if it pays me shit tons of cash... MY TIME IS PRICELESS).
    Fuck the cunts. I'm worth more than that, even if I do fuck all.
    Even if I make fuck all doing fuck all.

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  6. Checking in hoping for a post.
    If you want, discuss it with your family - I'll sift through your so called 'useless shit' if I survive you (I also risk all your aforementioned diseases). They may have to forward plane fare, but I feel it'd be worth it for all concerned.

    Forward contact details and I'll return mine, sign any paperwork etc.

    Much love you great man.

    P.S. Don't be dead asshole. Don't you be fucking dead I swear to fuck.