Saturday, January 19, 2013

The devil's nectar

Mu drinking problem has hit some awesome points recently.  It's not really a secret that I have one, but as I'm beginning to spiral back out of control, I've decided it's about time to get it under control.  FYI, I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a binge drinker.  I don't feel the need to drink all the time (although I usually drink when I have a problem or I'm bored, so it happens more frequently), but when I drink, I drink to complete excess.  I don't have an off switch until I'm like a couple drinks away from being completely obliterated.  Which has caused some awesome trends.  My tolerance, coupled with my fatitude, is the highest it has ever been, which means the amount of alcohol I need to consume before I feel it is crazy high, which leads to brutal hangovers (like today's).

So, I'm basically quitting drinking for a while.  I want to drop my tolerance, feel ok about myself more, and spend less money (especially because I don't have a job).  Now, I don't want to completely quit, but my goal is to not get drunk for a month.  I like the taste of beer.  I like having drinks with my friends.  So I'm limiting my consumption to two or three beers an outing for the next month.  It seems very doable.  I just have to have the willpower to do so.


  1. Well toning down should be much easier than simply quitting, but all the same I wish you luck. An alcoholic friend of mine decided to go cold turkey recently and she's managed to do pretty well and not had a drink in over three weeks now.

  2. the healthy and cheaper alternative to booze...Gatorade. haha. Glad to hear your taking steps to resolve this. My family has a history of alcohol abuse and acting retarded when drunk so I just sort of never got it into. I'm not 100% straight edge because I have and will occasionally drink some alcohol with friends for special events/celebrations (liquor, usually shots of something) but I don't drink beer and have never been drunk in my life. I can't imagine the horrors of a binge hangover. Hope you pull through intact.

  3. Drinking is really bad dude (my granddad used to drink a fuck ton and it killed him). Binge drinking is especially worse. Glad you're trying to stop.
    :double thumbs up:
    Good luck.