Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guitar and other things

I started playing my guitar again over the past few weeks at the urging of a friend of mine.  And I'm fucking terrible.  There was a time back in college where I was mediocre, but I spent the three years since practicing at a minimal amount, meaning I'm completely shitty.  My friend wants to revisit a conversation wherein we start a band, which I'm cool with.  I would love to play a few local shows with the multitude of local bands I know and am friends with, but, as before mentioned, I'm fucking shitty.  Decisions to be made.  Guess I'll just keep practicing in the meantime.  I have notice a bit of an improvement with muscle memory, but not much.

So, LA band The Bronx has a new album out and it's pretty fucking awesome.


  1. Practice my friend. A friend of mine keeps wanting to start a band and so far we actually have four made, and we even have some demos. But, we're terrible, and don't practice. I don't think anything will actually seriously come out of it.