Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Never Too Early to Plan a Badass Trip

So, me and three of my friends are currently planning on going on a canoe trip in August up to my favorite place in the country, aka the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  Located in Northern Minnesota, in the Superior National Forest, my family has been going since my dad was about my age.  My uncle goes like three times annually, and the last time I went, I went with him and a family friend for a week of canoeing, fishing, and heavy drinking.  This ain't your grandma's camping trip.  This is packing only what can fit in a canoe, foods that only need water and fire to be cooked, no metal or glass containers, and miles of unspoiled wilderness.  Usually, yes, you see other people (especially on our planned route, because none of my friends have been there before), but you can get to the remote interior of the Wilderness and not see another person for day, especially in Quetico Provencial Park, which is on the Canadian side (hence the Boundary in Boundary Waters).  I'm super fucking stoked, even if it's five months away.  I've been wanting to take friends with me for years, and most of us are finally in a place where we have the flexibility to go on a trip.  It's gonna be baller.


  1. I hope it's as badass as you make it sound. I've always wanted to find a place like that where I could go and not deal with anyone but I think that sadly the hermit life is possibly gone for me now.

  2. Sounds manly as fuck. I hope you find and take a few bear skins home :mad:.