Monday, April 15, 2013

Thoreau ( or something similar)

That select feeling about the natural world around us.  It's not quite a disease, but it's not quite naturally occurring in the human species at this juncture of human evolution.  He is such a desperate and lonely individual, cast away outside of human interference.  If anything, we need one another, despite the broken, calloused existence that intervenes between civilized existence.  Into the Wild.  Chris McCandless.  Alexander Supertramp.  His death breeds hope: no hubris in that understanding of the innate human cohabitation with the natural world.  He died so that we may live, unburdened by fear of oblivion within the wilds.


  1. That was...I'm not quite sure what that was. We do need one another though, perhaps because of everything and not despite it.

  2. The grammar and syntax in this post feels a bit off. Was this written by an autoblogging program?