Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A New Level of Bullshit

As I should have predicted, that job turned out to be bullshit really quick.  I did well in the interview, and they wanted to set up a new one.  At first I was happy, then anxious, then freaked out, then I decided to look up the company.  What I found made me not amused.

I knew it was a sales position, that primarily did face-to-face customer interaction.  What I didn't realize is that was code for a fucking door-to-door salesperson.  Fuck that shit.  I may have minimal amount of money, but goddamn it, I have some dignity at the very least.  And I feel manipulated, because they knew that I was recent college graduate desperate for an opportunity.  Desperate, but still somewhat dignified.

So, I will not be spending the entire day this thursday following around one of their salespeople for eight fucking hours as they intrude on offices and businesses and try to hawk office supplies.  I have self-respect, but clearly not that much: I have an interview friday as a parttime telemarketer for Farmer's Insurance.  Please just kill me.


  1. I know that feel man. Fucking bummer.

    I landed a job with an after school tutoring company right after I graduated that turned out to be utter bullshit. Most the other gigs I've interviewed for since have been equally if not more weak sauce than the current job I have (which is the one I've been slaving for since before college).

    Fuck capitalism.

  2. Dude that sucks. A friend of mine recently found herself in a similar situation. She would also be paid under the table, which made it illegal actually. She got out of there as soon as she knew what the deal was.