Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An afternoon of Video games, Punk Rock, and high class pornography

If I have one true love in life, it's music.  And I listen to a vast amount of genres, from extreme metal to blues, except for country music, because fuck country music.  That doesn't mean I listen to everything, though.  Because I know what I like, and I know what I think is good.  And that has a tendency to drive some of my friends crazy.  Because they'll like something that they think sounds the same as something they know I listen to, but then I will tell them I don't like it.  And they won't get why.  I'm a music snob.  It's my life.  But if there is one genre of music above all others, it's probably Punk Rock.  I'm still that teenage punk kid at heart.  It was punk rock in high school that helped form my identity from a young geek into a geek who didn't give a shit what people though about me.  It brought me peace.  And the Album the band that kicked all of that off was the Descendent's Milo Goes to College.  It was, and is, one of my favorite albums.  I could listen to it every day for the rest of my life.  Fuck, I'm listening to it for the second time today as I write this blog.

So, I got out of my funk, sat around playing Ocarina of Time on my brother's Wii, listening to punk all day today.  It was a pretty chill day.  A recuperation from Sunday and Yesterday, during which I was awake for like 36 hours, and did just a shit load of stuff.  Went to my cousin's confirmation party, went fishing with some friends, went disc golfing for the first time this spring, went fishing again, and just dicked around.  It was pretty baller.  And a nice way to get my mind past shit.  Everything.  Just get a nice mental cleanse.  And I've got another party tonight.  So I'm gonna go get my swag on.  And stay fucking Posi-core tonight.  Because if I bring up everyone around me, they'll bring me up.

Also, some music:

Descendents - I'm the One

Kid Dynamite - Living Daylights


  1. Yeah i understand being a music snob, i for one dont like Punk rock but hey thats just me.

  2. It is definitely not for everyone, Malkav. And I can respect that

  3. Yeah I love most music as well but country does my nut in also lol.

  4. Get yo swag on.

    Country can be good - really.