Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sitting at a Quarter of a Century

Today is my 25th birthday.  Not trying to trawl for birthday wishes or anything, mostly just informative.  Why? Because we're blogbros.    I'm pretty sure we all started these blogs for the same reason.  And we're still doing it.  And in my case at least, the reason why I started it has slipped through to the wayside.  Which is life.  It's been months, and I'm still moving this blog forward one post at a time.  And you guys are still reading, and still commenting, and for that, I say thank you.  Thank you for reading my self-deprecating rants.  Thank you for listening to my problems, for being my sounding board because if I told some of this stuff to my IRL friends it would be awkward for a while.

Now that I have said that, I'm going to get out of bed and eat me some food.  Then, I'm going to continue my birthday tradition of buying a bottle of birthday scotch and drinking the shit out of it.  Started my 21st birthday.  The week before, I had won like 500 bucks with a scratch-off ticket, coincidentally the first one I bought since my 18th birthday.  That morning, went out, bought a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label.  Amazing.  Every year since, I buy a bottle of scotch on my birthday.  That was the first and only time I drank Blue Label.  It lasted me for seven months, because I only had a drink of it as a reward when I did something great.  Every year since then has been Johnny Walker Black Label, but this year, I think I may have to dip down even further.  Like, Clan MacGregor or below.  But I will not break this streak.


  1. Congrats my friend, indeed we are Blog brothers, have a Good one man, Cheers i will have a drink of Vodka in your honor.

  2. Arighlt I can;t read a word of tthis. I will be bnack. Things is fucked. No problem. I fuckin' love you man.

    P.S. I will come back and read all your stuff, - I am so sorry Tom Wait is sending me to bed and think h3he is alright. &Tom Waits

  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes, homies. Also, decided on Johnny Walker Red. I am still surprisingly coherent. Delicious

  4. Oh man - laughing at myself.

    I do apologise.
    I was shit faced - obviously.

    Let's pretend I was celebrating your birthday on some subconscious level.

    So glad to be blogbros with you man. I wish I knew you in real life and we could have swigged that shit together.
    Peace my good man. *clink*

  5. Happy birthday!!! Have a good one.

    And please. Ignore PryON, he's been a real bastard recently.... ¬_¬

  6. I'm not gonna lie, I miss Scotch whiskey. The thing is that if I have even one shot, something turns in my brain and I cannot stop drinking, and I think about it fucking constantly. Thats why I haven't for coming up on 3 years. Also as soon as I start drinking I get the brilliant idea to stick a needle in my arm. Just a little about me in case you were interested.

    I also wanna wish you a happy birthday because I could tell you were sort of fishing for it.

  7. i was fishing just a little bit, Elliot. Can't lie. And good on you to kick your demons, man. I for sure have had mine in the past.