Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Because when someone makes a mix-tape about my life, there will be several tracks from Atmosphere on it. Because if you replace the parts about a dad on this song with a mom, that's the fucking truth of my day. She's been dead for almost two years, but I swear to god I saw her today. And it killed me inside when I realized it wasn't her, and when I remembered she's never coming back. I fucking love you mom. You tried to make me the best person in the world, but I fucked it all up.


  1. Yeah you've got to love your Mom.

  2. Thats a bit Harsh bro, you shouldnt beat yourself man to err is human, to forgive is of Gods.

  3. Aw man. : [
    Malkavian is right. I bet your Mom's love still shines on you every day.

    The song is lovely.