Sunday, July 3, 2011

Extra! Extra! Local bands kick ass at live show!

It's true. Decided to head to a show today, despite my dwindling funds. Met up with a guy I haven't seen in like seven years. Was strange. Good time though. Knocked back a few, hung out with some cool bands, specifically with members who were really psyched that people showed up, due to it being 4th of July weekend. But here are the bands:

I am Dragon

The Skintones (Quality isn't the greatest, it's a live video)

Also, because this came up in conversation tonight, I fucking hate Owl City. Not solely based on there name. Owl's don't have fucking cities, goddamn it. They're not people


  1. i dont forking now whats up with these owls. thats a joke man, they dont even wear shows how the crap do they have their own city

  2. They play alright, never heard them before though. Good post!

  3. Fucking love your blog. Following.

  4. Wow great show!

  5. Sick blog man. Following you even though I'm not worthy

  6. Always good to support local bands, even better if you hook up with old friends and have some brews. You get a follower for supporting local musicians lol.

  7. Bit fucking distorted.
    Suits the sound for the less loud bits but then it's just too much. :/

    I keep thinking of you on the days I oversleep and mope about waiting for bedtime.
    Wondering is it 'depression' or not.
    I think we're on the same buzz.
    It's not depression just lack of motivation breeding lack of motivation and lack of imagination and all that crap.

    I dunno, why am I spewing all over your blog man?

    I think I'm getting my head up a bit though - even if I still sleep and dream rather than rise and be active.
    Would be cool for us to hang out in real life I reckon. I feel a kindred spirit my man.

    Anyway, enough rambling all over your stuffs.
    Peace, have a blast and get yer swagger on this weekend. - That is definitely my plan anyway.