Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It was a hot june day and my ass was sticking to the seat of my girlfriend's car

It was a pretty successful trip up to the Great White North.  A skip and a jump from Lake Superior, in the middle of Northern Wisconsin on a beautiful, clear lake.  My friend also minimized his dumbassitude because his dad was up there with us.  His dad's a pretty cool guy, so all's well.  Did a shit load of fishing, and caught a bunch of stuff, my highlight being an 18 inch, 4 pound Smallmouth Bass.  Largest bass I have ever caught.  Pulled him up through twenty feet of water on a drop-shot leech.  Pretty effective.

I needed a couple of days to decompress, just because.  Haven't really felt like doing anything productive, but got roped into trying to donate plasma yesterday.  No go.  My friend keeps hitting snags with getting his ID issues sorted out, and i really don't want to donate by myself my first time.  I'm not a fan of needles.  But one has to do what one has to do.  So instead, after spending an hour at the DMV with no fruition, we decided to grab our tackle, and go fishing.  Specifically, picked up some chicken livers to go for catfish.  Yes.  Chicken Livers.  So like a couple of shiftless riverfolk, we headed over to the largest of area lakes, and threw our line in.  Five minutes later, my friend lands the biggest fish of the season so far for us, as well as a personal high for him.  A 13 lb, 33 inch monster channel catfish.  Sure, bigger exist.  Much bigger (Wisconsin's state record is like 40-some pounds).  But we've been having shit luck for monsters this season due to a shitty spring with threw off spawn for almost every species of fish.  But, fall is the great equalizer, and the monsters will come shallow to feed before winter when the water cools.  He pulled another one out, and I managed two more a couple of hours later (all about the same size, over a foot and a half in length).  Had this weird dude fucking dude keep talking to us.  At first it was alright, he was talking about how he used to catfish on a nearby river and get big fish, then he was talking about his drug addiction and how he was two weeks away from being off of probation or parole or something.  It was fucking strange.  You catch a big catfish, suddenly everyone starts talking to you about random shit.  What. The. Hell.

I've been putting some things off, and ignoring some other things.  Haven't answered the cause of my melancholy's calls or texts.  Leaving her in limbo for the time being.  I'll deal with that when I'm good and ready.  My youngest brother moved out off to college yesterday.  He's still pretty nearby, but so is my other brother, and I don't see him frequently, so whatevs.  Closer to feeling like I have my own place again.

Tomorrow marks the start of the Badger Football season, so I'll be off to Camp Randall with my grandmother to watch Wisconsin beat the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.


  1. You've been to the great white north, and you can fish. You're already better than me lol. I've always wanted to go there, and I've only been fishing once. Failure can't begin to describe what happened.

    Deal with things in your own time, just try not to leave them for too long...then again not dealing with them is sometimes a very effective way of dealing with them. It's a tough but fun system.

  2. Hey man, sorry for being an absent bro lately.
    But... I did just catch up on every word.
    Some compelling deep and intelligent stuff you've been writing in the past month.
    Also, sorry about your dog and other woes. At least you finally caught some fish.

    Let's hope it's a sign of stuff turning around.

  3. So...does this mean that if I catch a cat fish, people start trying to converse with me? As in, they're actually interested in socializing with me?!

    ...I really need to go fishing sometime.

  4. "It was a hot june day and my ass was sticking to the seat of my girlfriend's car "hahahahaha I'm literally sitting on my ass smiling!!!