Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blood Money and Jingoism

Took a trip to the plasma depository today.  Did not make any money, because last time I tried but failed to work up the nerve, they failed to inform me I needed proof of address from within the last 30 days.  Had something from the middle of July.  But a bank statement came yesterday.  So Tomorrow, because they checked all my shit, and it twas good, I can donate and gain some cash monies.

Speaking of cash monies, came up 15 bucks from a poker game with friends tonight.  A buddy got my buy-in, because he owes me money from buying shots for bitches he was trying to stick his penis in.  He says he's gay, but he still fucks girls.  I don't get it.  Fucking confusing.  So I drank some, had my DD rock my car back home (after he almost had heat exhaustion earlier today), and here I am.  Sans anyone of the female persuasion.  Because it was all dudes.  Snausage fest.

But, It's probably for the best.  Because I cannot have a platonic relationship with a member of the opposite sex because I confuse friendship for feelings of intimacy.  I still do it to this day, and cannot break this cycle. Female followers of this blog take note: I will misread your friendly, asexual intentions and go for broke.  Because I am a goddamn idiot.

So, I've got another essay in the works based on the (American) football game Thursday night.  University of Wisconsin 51, University of Nevada-Las Vegas 17. Only got up to 17 because 2nd and 3rd string took over the 2nd half, and they are not up to starter positions, obviously.  But they gots to learn, and did pretty well, because giving up 2 touchdowns is pretty good.  Because UNLV's running back is a quick fucking bastard.  Anyway, I saw some stuff there that got me thinking.  Jingoism.  Woot.

To lazy, drunk, and tired to come up with something to say or pick that's super profound, so here's some Wugazi again.


  1. You should do the same thing you do with your guy friends, hang out without expecting anything (sexually).
    I a friend of mine is a girl I regularly go out with drinking and dancing, she's more of a sister to me than a potential girlfriend.

  2. I'm exactly like you on mistaking feelings of friendship for intimacy. Some girls have learnt this the hard way. Though some were lucky enough for me to simply not work up the balls to, well, show them my balls lol. If I got paid to give blood I'd probably consider doing it. But I like my blood.

  3. I wish I got paid to give blood, we don't get anything for that here. And I'd be so good at it too.

    It's funny, I'm the exact opposite when it comes to relationships. I never, ever, get it when someone's hitting on me. Then again my friendship-relationships tend to be a lot more intimate than my sexual relationships.

  4. I've never donated blood but I'll consider doing this; it might sound weird but I actually like when I have to do blood tests, so this should be fun. As for the platonic relationships part, most of my friends - or whatever, people I spend time with - are guys (that because girls are boring and have lame topics for discussions) and I've never had feelings for neither of them.

  5. Either you're not an idiot, you're just male or you're male and therefore an idiot.
    You sure aren't alone though, so don't beat yourself up over it.

    Besides, some would say there's no such thing as a purely platonic relationship between a straight male and a straight female.