Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So the new plant is a much better fit.  It's newer, cleaner, and I don't feel so claustrophobic when there.  The lighting is better and everyone I met today was super friendly and polite.  Feels like a much better fit.  Yes, I am still doing the same relatively mind-numbing work, but not being beaten down by my surroundings is a much better way to spend my workday.

So, I failed National Novel Writing Month.  Badly, I might add.  Barely anything past what I wrote here.  I can blame Skyrim, but in the end, I was the one who put more emphasis on playing a video game than furthering my art.  Feels bad, man.  However, I did grow a glorious neck beard over the preceding month, which is terrible. looks like I glued pubes to my neck and jowls.  Why the hell can't I grow facial hair?

Anyways, it's almost december.  Which is always 31 days far too long.  My least favorite month out of the year.  I'm always ready for this year to be over with.

However, December brings a proud tradition that I do: my top albums of the year! So stay tuned, because within the next week, I will be breaking down some of my favorite musical releases of the past year, with all the surprises and awesome that accompanies them!


  1. Can't wait to listen to them! ;)

  2. I'm kinda interested in your music tastes. I can't grow facial hair either and my boss has said that if I try to it just does look like I've stuck pubes on my face. I'm kinda sorta happy that other people have this problem too. I'm also glad that the new place feels better for you. Mind numbing work is always better when you're in a good environment.

  3. Congrates on the new and slightly better job!

    I couldn't grow facial hair well for a long time, then I turned twenty seven and wham! I can grow a full beard!

    I too can't wait to hear your musical tastes!