Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am an Alien Deity

No worries.  I have very little in common with the individuals who count themselves among my varied, serious organism.  There is no life here.  You will die unencumbered, but with out sanity, or joy.  I am sorry, but that is how life occurs sometimes.  i wish, I wish it was different.  Even though this is hardly the end of the world, if it was, you'd all be sad.  And I would not wish that.  Let's change the future


  1. Have you ever considered that the reason you die unencumbered is because you have lost sanity and joy? That those are the burdens you bear?

  2. ... I am human. I worry, I have everything in common with the others on my planet. Though small differences change us easily. When we die we are unencumbered with our life and our joy. I am relentless, but that is how you must be to survive. I don't wish, I do. Even though it is hard, I do. Humans will go on and on for centurys, and strive to better the world. We don't have to be sad. I hope for more. The future is changing.

  3. Wow. I do not even remember writing that. Note to self, drinking an entire bottle of whiskey=a strange fucking blog post.

    1. I hope that means we'll be getting a repeat preformance soon!