Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So, it's no real secret that this dude is a big fan of the punk rock.  Like no secret whatsoever.  I'm punk as shit son.  So I figured I'd share a little news from the Punk world with you guys today.  Because it's inspiring as well.  Tom Gabel, of the band Against Me!, has come out as transgender and is planning on undergoing treatment to live as woman.

If you do not know Against Me!, they came out of the Gainsville in the late nineties and fucking rocked the shit out.  Their most recognized album, Reinventing Axl Rose, has become a modern punk classic.  They were one of the most recognized folk punk bands.  I'm a huge fan or Reinventing Axl Rose, and I will admit, I was one of the people who has seen their recent major label transition (well, like 2005) as disheartening because it seemed to suck all the passion out of their music, catchy though their recent releases have been (you are probably familiar with "Thrash Unreal" if you don't listen to punk).

So, this is pretty big news.  There are not a whole lot of transgender rock stars on the front lines of popular music, let alone one who will be undergoing transition as the public watches.  I'll fucking admit, I know exactly zero transgender individuals, so my pronoun use may be offensive, but I'm not 100% certain of when to start using she instead of he.  I realize the prudent thing to do may be to just refer to the individual in question by their desired gender as soon as they reveal their intent, but it just seems a little strange.  So, regardless, and with apologies in case of offense, good for him.  Take a personal event to begin with and magnify it to the extreme, and that's what Tom Gabel is going through.  I wish him/her the best of luck.

Speaking of, here's some Against Me!


  1. I do have a transgender friend, and she told me about this, and how awesome it was for her and the transgender folks. I think it's awful brave of her (you should use the one they see themselves at. My friend is a male-to-female trans still a man technically, but insists I say she and her) to do something like this, and I hope it does spread awareness, and a positive image of trans people.

    1. Now I can get the pronoun thing straightened out. Thanks Mark

  2. I don't get why would one want to change their gender. Curiosity kills the cat.

  3. Its very punk of him to change genders and be the punk girl I'm sure he's always wanted to be! I salute him now and will salute her later!