Friday, April 6, 2012

Jawbreaker and a Three Day Weekend

My boss is a forgetful bastard.  Tomorrow (or today rather) is a holiday according to the company I work for, and every other shift has been asked to work.  Except mine.  And I'm not going to correct his fucking mistake.  So three day weekend for this motherfucker.  Hopefully I can try and get some things accomplished, but I doubt it being Easter weekend and all.  It's kind of Irconic: I'm an avowed atheist, but I have all this shit to do involving Easter, mostly due to my family, who are Catholic as hell.  So I've got to do all that family shit, plus my lesbian friend's birthday saturday, and a little bit of fishing tomorrow.  And tonight?  Skyrim.  Haven't had a chance to play in a while, and I've almost got my enchanting to 100, meaning my character becomes a fucking badass when coupled with my almighty 100 in smithing.  Even though I'm a badass now.

Anyway, I was recently reminded of my love for all things Jawbreaker, so here you go


  1. 100 smithing and 100 enchanting in Skyrim is basically God mode. I haven't played in so long :( I had the PC version and my computer died and I don't think this new one can handle it. Which sucks. I am not going to go through everything I did again, so I'll keep a hold of the save files until the time is right. Enjoy your three day weekend dude, I think you've earned some rest and time off, but it does sound like you won't be getting much of it.

  2. yeah Im pretty much anti-organized religion but still don't have the heart to shatter my grandma's world with my evil/heathen/communist views of the world. I just turn my phone off when she calls me to church this sunday.

    1. Yeah, it would break my grandma's heart. She's the most Catholic out of the lot

  3. You don't know the meaning of Catholic until you've lived in Salt of the Earth, Louisiana. Shit is retardiculous.

  4. I totally get it man. My family claims I'm a Hindu, never felt like one, but I gotta do all these stuff just so that my they would stop getting on my nerves. It's sad.

    Like Jawbreaker btw :)

    And nice blog :)

  5. Sigh...families can be cruel at times! :) Interesting blog!

  6. I celebrate all religius holidays but am totally not religius! Yeah free time! (when I actually have a job that is, when I don't its all free time!)