Monday, February 27, 2012

March Madness

This is not in reference to the looming NCAA Men's Basketball tournament.  Although now that I mention it, I need to start thinking about my bracket.  I mean, the Wisconsin Badgers just balled past Ohio State yesterday, so fucking awesome.  Thinking Syracuse as my take-it-all winner.

Anyway, February has been something of a personal disappointment.  I haven't really done anything I meant to do.  My other blog hasn't been upgraded in so long, I've barely scratched the surface of what I had in store.  So I'm kind of bummed out here.  I started 2012 strong, but have already fizzled, so I need to kick my ass into gear here.  I refuse to let another year go by with barely anything to show for it.  Shit, this blog over 2011 is about all I have.  Everything else was material and fleeting.  Gotta buckle down, gotta focus here.

Side note: two of you guys have done long form media on your blogs that I haven't watched/listened to yet.  I'm really sorry, I'm going to try and get to it as soon as I remember.  I really want to, I've just been sidetracked by bullshit.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I ain't gonna get nothing done this week

New tv! New tv!

My buying spree came to a halt, as I bought a new tv last week, got it today.  32 inch, 720p Sceptre, I know, not top-o-the-line or nuttin, but it was only 200 bones and goddamn it, I've owned one tv my whole life and it's like a 26 inch standard def that is limping along.  Figured it's time to get something affordable to replace it to increase my quality of life.  And to not cut off sections of the screen while playing xbawks.  So needless to say, once the tv scans for the channels and I finish watching How I Met Your Mother (i know, i know, it grew on me.  Now I am obsessed.  Still hate Big Bang Theory though), I'm probably gonna Skyrim until I Fus Ro Dah my pants.  I'm gonna try to get a story up this week on the other blog'o'mine and finalize stuff for that there guest post too.  Busy week for projects of mine, busy week.  Gonna be pretty sweet when I get this shit done, though.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm So Tired

So another Valentine's Day has come and gone.  I realized, I've had one actual valentine in my whole life, and it was just me and a female friend in High School making fun of it together.  Strange.  Should have suited up and went out to barrage desperate, lonely women with pick-up lines with some friends.  Yes.  I did say "suit up."

I've been incredibly exhausted recently, mainly due to work, but I've been going through a restless sleep cycle.  Mark about every hour, hour and a half during my normal sleeping times, and I'll wake up for about 15 minutes.  Kind of stops me from entering the deep, restful sleep that my body needs to repair itself (I am still feeling aches and pains in random places, like the bottom of my ass.  Seriously, it hurts.  From standing.  What the hell).  But it has a more deliberate, harsh reality: i'm too tired to be creative.  Well, decently creative.  Got some stuff in the works, obviously, but this lack of decent sleep has me pushing them back a bit.  Start gaining momentum, start getting tired, too tired to concentrate, stop.  A cycle of ill.  I need an entire weekend off soon.  Maybe I'll lie through my sharpened teeth, I am very, very good at that in the face of authority figures.

So, due to the incestuous nature of our little corner of the "blogosphere" (yes, I shivered too using that 'word'), I've co-opted a few idears from fellow champions of the Blogoverse (better sounding): GUEST POSTS!  That's right, nerds, a post spot (or two) is opening up, and you can enter to be considered!  It's a contest!  I will select one or more lucky individuals to appear atop my haughty blog, for no increased traffic because everyone who comes here already probably reads your blog, not only because it's awesome, but also because, like I said, we keep it in the family.

DA RULES: Before we get this shit started, I'm going to outline a few rules for all you motherfuckers to follow.  First, this is going to be essay-ish.  And I'm going to pick the topic.  Don't worry, it'll be awesome.  And, at this point, if you have a suggestion for said topic, throw it down in the comments section.  I'm willing to expand my ideas.  Second, you gotta give me a jangle on this here blogger message system if'n you be interested.  Don't worry, i won't spam your shit, only pics of my penis, because it's considered a formal greeting where I'm from.  So, open your heart and click on dat der profile o mine, and send me a message through dis here blogger.  I shall be conducting said business through there with candidates during the initial phase of operation I'm Too Tired To Do My Own Blog.

Also, Atmosphere, because fuck yeah:

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Tyranny of Hate

So, I read this article by The Rolling Stone today.  It's very long, but it is very worth a read.  It's pretty fucked up.  That's about the extent to which I can describe it.  I can't spend enough time urging people to read it.  Didn't know the Rolling Stone still did shit like this.  I'm pretty impressed.

It isn't any real secret that I'm into the ladies.  Like, really into the ladies.  There are points I feel like a testosterone-infused 16-year-old, vagina obsessed high school boy again.  Those episodes don't last long enough for concern, however, and I'm fairly certain they're a byproduct of my self-imposed abstinence.  Or society-imposed abstinence.  This section here is definitely derailed from the article I told you to read, but you know how I go.  Humor to break tension.

I consider myself heterosexual.  That wasn't always necessarily the case, however.  There was a point where I was fairly certain I was just as into men as I was into women.  Bicurious looking back on it, but I considered myself bisexual then.  I'm not ashamed of it, necessarily, but I tend not to mention it; it's not who I am.  It may have been who I thought I was, but that faded.  During high school, I engaged in a sexual relationship with a male friend who was going through a similar phase.  Now, I'm not saying that every teenage boy who decides he's homosexual or bisexual is simply going through a phase: only that I was.  I feel like I should distinguish that.

So, We were engaged in a sexual relationship.  And somehow word got around, due to a friend revealing 'sensitive' information to people who cannot shut the fuck up.  And suddenly, because I live in a small town where everyone is all up in everyone else's business, it got around school.  I found myself being called faggot in the hallways, and in the lunch room.  It fucking sucked.  Because I as already in a pretty dark place as an teenager, that place got darker.  Cutting, suicidal thoughts, depression, it got pretty bad.  But I persevered.  And survived high school.  Luckily for me, the bullying didn't last through the rest of high school.  But for many kids who are finding their sexual identities, it lasts.  And it can have disastrous results.

I'm not going to go into the details.  They're plain to see in the Rolling Stone article.  It's a worst case scenario, absolute worst case scenario.  Tragedy in the highest order.

I've got me another Story up.  Ironically, it kind of touches on this whole thing, even though it wasn't on my mind when I wrote it.  But hey, relevant.