Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fare Thee Well

Until we meet again.  I no longer wish to be the man you all know.  I'm sorry, but I must exorcise that weak bit of self from my identity.  Please take care.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness and Stranger Things

No, this is not a basketball post.  Well, yeah, kind of.  Finalized my bracket last night, lost one match-up so far (Bucknell) and on the verge of losing a Final Four pick in the first round (South Dakota State).  Don't ask why I chose the mighty Jackrabbits, but I did.  They're my dark horse for the year.  Everyone else is relatively safe, though I have almost every top seed dropping in the sweet sixteen or elite eight, except Gonzaga, who I picked to lose to Miami in the championship game.  Don't ask why I picked the U.  They got super hot in the ACC tournament, and I feel like they have a legit chance.  What can I say, I'm a crazy person.  Not like there's any real money on the line here or anything, so I've got nothing to lose and I'd rather pick the underdogs than the storied, established programs.  That's half the fun of the NCAA Tournament, after all.

It's currently like 30 degrees outside.  On the second day of spring.  And I'm sitting here in my basement freezing my ass off like a pro.  It's pretty fucking cold down here at times.  Warmer than outside, but not warm enough during the winter where I can just rock out in my boxers all day e'ery day.  So, the winter of my discontent continues like a boss.  I really want to go outside and do stuff, but it's too cold for that shit.  Hopefully the weather breaks after this week so I can get outside.

On an unfamiliar note, I went on a double date on Saturday.  A friend of mine from my last job set it up with this woman he knows.  Went with him and his wife and this woman.  Had pizza, played board games, then went out to watch some MMA fights.  I had a good time, and she was really nice, but she doesn't drink.  That probably shouldn't be too much cause for alarm, but I like to drink, so it's potentially problematic.  But, if I'm so attached to drinking that I choose that over a potential relationship, clearly I have a problem.  That said, I'm waiting to hear back from her about a second date, just the two of us.  We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh Shit

So, I was sitting at home this evening, after eating a dinner of delicious steak sandwiches, complete with grilled onions, mushrooms, and pepper jack cheese, minding my own business while looking through job postings, when something happened.  I was listening to a combination of Modest Mouse and Listener, basically just dropping pages into bookmark folders for future reference (ie, Thursday and Friday) depending on the deadline for applications when I saw it.  IT.  The single job I have been waiting for the past three years.  The one job that requires a minimal amount of experience but is still the springboard into what I would like to do.  That potentially freeing job where I could sit at a desk in a tie all day, writing, and like it.

It's an entry-level writing job for a copywriting position at a good-sized company that makes backpacks and bags and the like (jansport).  The web-posting for the job even says that it requires a minimal amount of experience because, like I said, it's entry level.  Which is perfect.  It's an opportunity that I've been waiting for.  As far as I've noticed, Copywriting is a hard gig to break into.  Every position I've seen open requires at least three years of experience: I've applied for some of those, but never heard back, due to aforementioned experience requirements I suspect.

So, I've gotta give this shit my all.  My total commitment to getting this fucking job.  If I try and fail, so be it, but if I don't at least try my hardest, I'll never be certain what was going to happen.  Time to go to work.  Tomorrow's my fucking day after three years of toil and uncertainty, three years of heartbreak and sadness, and three years of a clouded mind and fear; like Sisyphus I have been trapped in Tartarus, repeating the same mistakes over and over again, but tomorrow my friends, tomorrow I cast the boulder from highest point of my mountain prison and stride through the river towards my destiny.  May the gods grant mercy to those who try to stand in my way, because I will not.

Edit: The job isn't for jansport.  I applied for a job at jansport for a simple administrative assistant position, and got it confused.  This company is Land's End, which does clothing and the like.  Still though, sweet position

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Drunken Adventure!

I just wandered the greater downtown area of Madison, Wisconsin in a drunken haze, moving from bar to bar until my ride showed up (because I'm all responsible and shit).  Damn it, Madison is such a cool city, but i'm bored with it.  Someone come to town and I will be your sherpa on the mountain of awesome!