Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Oh lord, Blogfriends.  It has been a bit of time, hasn't it?  Sorry, I've been a bit preoccupied with working and such to keep a regular update.  But hey, maybe it's time for a life update?

So, I'm into week six of the two month contract.  During the past couple of weeks, I've usually had one day out of the week where I am sent home early because the workload is nothing for the day.  Which is awesome and not awesome at the same time.  Awesome because I like having extra free time; not awesome because it is not only a long commute, but my paychecks aren't as large as I anticipated, so I'm saving less money.  Oh well.  because out of that, I have found out that I am doing a really good job.  Such a good job that while they are letting other contractors go, I am sticking around as long as the workload continues to be more than the permanent employees can handle on their own.  So who knows what'll happen there.  Maybe good things.  I'm not crazy about the job, but it's better than other gigs.  And less stress.

Anyway, I got a new finished story. Check it out.  Peace!