Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just to clarify, I do not advocate getting your bone on without a condom, but here is that research I mentioned

Ok, so I'm gonna backpedal to my previous post before I possibly do a new one within the next couple of days.  So, boys and girls, we're gonna talk about sex.  Stop laughing.  This is a serious and important discussion.
Just Kidding.
So it's no secret I like to take trips to poundtown.  It's not.  I'm a guy in my sexual prime.  HAhahaha! Oh man, that was funny.  But seriously, like most people in my age bracket, I've not given up on sex yet.  Almost, though.  There have been points where I look at my dick and wonder "should I just retire you before you get me into more trouble?"  Those thoughts last about as long as until I achieve my next erection.  Fun Fact: An ex-fuck buddy once decided we were going to see if I can maintain an erection while watching the Golden Girls.  I can.  Like, uncannily.
So, I enjoy myself occasionally.  And I once came across this little study, the one I mentioned prior: That pulling out is roughly as effective as using a condom (leads to a pdf of the article).  Now, I still have a tendency to use a condom, and every one of the hundreds of thousands of ladies I have plowed has been on birth control.  And I use a condom most of the time.  The desensitization doesn't bother me so much.  Just means I gotta grit my teeth and go for broke occasionally.  But, more than a few times, I've been with ladies who don't mind, or prefer, to not use condoms.  So, pull out method comes into play.  And, as I mentioned before, I've only had one pregnancy scare (busted condom, she was worried because she had just come off of antibiotics).  She was a week late, but then, period all up over everything.  So it worked out.  Then, being the douche that I was, I ran like the 6 million dollar man because I was terrified at the thought of creating another human being.  Didn't have sex for almost a year.
So this isn't really about my conquests.  Because that would be like a dissertation.  I've contemplated a victory lap, but most are in functioning, loving relationships that I could not offer and move up on.  So there's all that.  But, the most important thing?  I didn't want you guys to think I'm retarded by talking about pulling out versus condom use.


  1. LOL Well it seems to be going well for you at least. Research and facts are overrated.

  2. I get a boner watching the Golden Girls. I wish I could marry Rose!

  3. the article is rather interesting. I suppose it would have been hard to get experimental data on this topic :/

  4. Pulling out is 100% less effective in preventing STD's though.

  5. This made me laugh im sorry haha "]. The part about Golden Girls "].

  6. wt? hahahahaha!
    I wanna sleep but I'm having second thoughts now after reading your blog..guess I'll just have to blog walk. ^)^